Where to eat at Singapore [Singapore 2023 trip]

My trip to Singapore wouldn't be complete without trying out their food. For more food photos, click the link in each paragraph to see more of the photos that I took. Read about my Singapore 2023 Trip Itinerary: Traveling with a Child post.

Day 1: Breakfast at 50 Years Taste of Tradition
We bought egg tarts at 50 Years Taste of Tradition for our breakfast.

Day 1: Lunch at You Kee XO Restaurant Singapore
We tried Cantonese cuisine at You Kee XO Restaurant Singapore.

Day 1: Dinner at Thai Village Restaurant 泰国村酒楼
For dinner, we tried Teochew cuisine at Thai Village.

Day 2: Breakfast at Chinatown Point
We went to a hawker center at Chinatown Point. There are various food stalls inside, giving you numerous food options.

Day 3: Lunch at a Noodle House
I forgot the name of this restaurant but it was a noodle house. I wanted to try their noodles because it was a noodle house but my daughter insisted on eating rice.

Day 2: Dinner at Lau Wang Claypot
We went to Lau Wang Claypot to try their mala and curry, but to be honest, I enjoyed their fried food more.

Day 3: Lunch at Canton Paradise
My uncle who was working in Singapore treated us to dimsum and more at Canton Paradise.

Day 3: Snack and drinks at Starbucks
It just so happens that they matcha mooncake at Starbucks when I went to Singapore so I had to try it.

Day 3: Dinner at Haidilao
I like eating hotpot when I travel to Asian countries. When I went to Singapore, we didn’t have Haidilao yet in the Philippines so I was quite excited to try Haidilao.

Day 4: Lunch at Malaysian Food Street
Located right outside Universal Studios Singapore, Malaysian Food Street is an air-conditioned complex of hawker stalls that featured Malaysian food.

Day 4: Dinner at Five Star Kampung Chicken Rice
My Singaporean friends insisted that I try chicken rice because it’s their national dish. We ended up dining at Five Star Kampung Chicken Rice.

Day 5: Brunch at Katong Laksa and Roxy Laksa
Initially, we wanted to try Roxy Laksa but it was still closed because the owner was still preparing the food. We decided to try a bowl at Katong Laksa first then tried another bowl at Roxy Laksa. One of the food I was excited to try in Singapore is laksa because laksa is one of my favorite food so I felt that my trip wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of laksa.

Day 6: Snack at Shake Shack
We had burgers at Shake Shack which was located inside Gardens by the Bay.

Day 6: Dinner at Newton Food Centre
For our last dinner in Singapore, we went to Newton Food Centre. We ate mostly seafood.

Day 7: Breakfast at a Dimsum Place
I was craving for dimsum and my friends took me to a nice dimsum place. I don’t remember the name of the dimsum place we went to but I really liked their dimsum.