Sumo Niku Unlimited Wagyu Review

Wagyu has always been on top of my food to try list so when this new unlimited yakiniku opened at the newly opened North Towers, we were excited to try it.

The problem with other restaurants that claim to serve "wagyu" is that some of these don't really serve wagyu or that there is hardly any marbling.

What about Sumo Niku's wagyu? The taste? It has a different kind of tender and is bursting with umami. You can clearly see that there is some marbling on the beef which is a common trait of wagyu beef. One bite into the wagyu cubes will make you want more.

There are some notable side dishes too. The crab claw is one of favorites and it's also one of the dishes that make the price worth it as 4 pieces of these are sold for P50 at other establishments.

Don't miss out on the seaweed as well, this is also a pricey but delicious dish that is served as part of Sumo Niku's unlimited appetizers.

As for my baby's favorite, can you guess it? It's surprisingly okra! She finished 5 servings of okra! When the waiter saw that she ran out of okra, he would ask me if I needed more.

The service is quick and the staff are friendly.

This is not a sponsored post, we were curious about this place since they serve unlimited wagyu and we've been talking about trying wagyu for 2 years now and this was the place we chose because the price is reasonable and upon finding out that the wagyu is legit, I think the price is really reasonable. I decided to share this because we really liked the food.

To be honest, we only tried the wagyu for the meats but there are a lot of meat options.

Pork + Chicken Lunch P399
Pork + Chicken Dinner P449
Pork + Beef + Chicken Lunch P449
Pork + Beef + Chicken Dinner P499

Black Pepper Pork, Sesame Pork, Spicy Pork Belly, Pork Belly Thin, Pork Belly with Teriyaki Sauce & Pork Tenderloin.

Teriyaki Chicken & Spicy Chicken

U.S. Premium Beef, U.S. Marinated Beef, U.S. Premium Beef with Teriyaki Sauce & Wagyu Beef

Iced Tea, Japanese Rice, Miso Soup, Salad, french fries, deep fried crab claw, fresh lettuce, fried dumplings, kimchi, okra, seaweed, karaage & cucumber.

Sumo Niku is located at the second floor of North Towers, SM City North EDSA, North Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

We went there a second time and we left feeling utterly confused. When we dined there the first time, what they were actually serving us was the marinated US beef every time we asked for wagyu. So, we were able to try their actual wagyu and to be honest, the marinated US beef cubes tasted way better because of the marination. The wagyu was bland but they had a sweet soy sauce blend to make up for that. Both the marinated US beef and the wagyu both had marbling but the wagyu's marbling was more apparent. We went on a Sunday so there was way more people and the staff couldn't keep up, making service comparatively slower. Also, our favorite appetizers were, unfortunately, unavailable.


  1. Kagutom momshie.. Sarap n mn kumain jan.. At affordable siya.. Bago lang po ba itong resto? Meron din kaya nito sa sm fairview?

    1. Wala po ata sa Fairview eh SM MOA and SM North lang po sa alam ko :)

  2. Apparently we found out that the one in the photo isn't the wagyu that they serve. Staff said that was black pepper US beef cubes or something, and the wagyu they serve are the thinly sliced pieces of meat with marbling :)

    1. Thanks for clearing this up. :) I was pretty confused about this since the first time we dined there they said it was wagyu but during the second time they served the thinly sliced meat and called it wagyu. Their Instagram page also used my photo of the meat cubes and called it wagyu beef which got me even more confused.

    2. haha same! We we're confused too. But either way, we always make sure to get both <3


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