DG Goat Milk: the First and Only Premium Powdered Goat Milk in the Philippines [Review]

DG Goat Milk is the first and only FDA approved Premium Powdered Milk sourced from Goat’s Milk in the Philippines and I’m happy to share with you the goodness of DG Goat Milk. It’s a Goat Milk Beverage for Kids, for 3 years old and above, but adults can enjoy it too! Now we can enjoy more milk options, especially if you prefer powdered milk but would like to try powdered milk sourced from other animals like goats.

DG Goat Milk Contains Various Vitamins and Minerals
Calcium: for normal teeth and bone development.
Vitamin A: to support normal vision
Vitamin D: for normal teeth and bone development.
Vitamin B12: to help release energy

Key Features of DG Goat Milk
Naturally more complete
Easier to digest
Less allergenic
With more Casein Posphopeptides (CPP)

I grew up drinking powdered milk and it’s not exactly my favorite kind of milk despite being someone who likes drinking milk. I didn’t like the taste and I can’t quite point my finger as to why I didn’t, it could because I found it too sweet or too powdery for my taste. However, my thoughts on powdered milk totally changed because of DG3. It tasted rich and creamy, like the milk I buy in tetra packs from the grocery. It doesn’t have that powdery taste that I dislike and it doesn’t taste that sweet as well which means it has relatively lower sugar.

Appearance-wise, the powdered goat milk is white in color and it’s not lumpy either. Since I and my baby love drinking milk, I prefer preparing the goat milk in a small bottle which I fill in with lukewarm water which was previously boiled. After mixing in the powdered milk, I shake the contents because I find that shaking keeps the powder from clumping together. Afterward, I stored it in the refrigerator and we enjoy DG Goat Milk chilled. We don’t drink straight from the bottle though, I pour it on a separate cup.

Why I like DG Goat Milk
Delicious taste
Low in sugar (8g per 200ml)
Rich in vitamins and minerals

Shelf Life
3 years if sealed
4 weeks after opening the seal
24 hours after reconstituted

DG Dairy Goat Launch
I attended the launch of DG Dairy Goat, Mom and Meeh, last November 27 at the Ronac Lifestyle Center where we learned all about the goodness of DG3+ Goat Milk Beverage for Kids. We also tried their DG infused sorbetes which I and Baby Q loved.

About DG Goat Milk
1. Philippines’ first and only Premium Powdered Milk sourced from Goat’s Milk.
2. Produced and imported from the Dairy Goat Co-operative in Hamilton, New Zealand.
3. DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids offers powdered goat milk of the highest quality.
4. DG Goat Milk is made responsibly.
5. The process of converting pure goat milk into a safe, exceptional powdered milk beverage is a gentle and minimal one.
6. Only the healthiest Saanen goats from New Zealand to ensure having milk of the highest quality.
7. Dairy Goat Cooperative goats thrive on locally grown, on-farm forages such as grass, clovers, lucerne, hay, silage or pasture plants.
8. Silver fern symbol from the New Zealand government as recognition for superior quality
9. Well established in 27 countries around the world.

DG Goat Milk Beverage for Children 3+ (900g) P1,299

DG Goat Milk is available at Shopee and Lazada.

For more details about DG Dairy Goat, visit their Instagram @DairyGoatPH or their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DGPhilippines.