A Festive Night of Delectable Fusion of Japanese and Brazilian Cuisine at Uma Nota Manila

If discovering new flavors to delight your taste buds are your thing, then a night at Uma Nota Manila is a must for your next get-together with friends. Good food with good company is definitely welcome on any day but if you’re looking for something more memorable, this new restaurant featuring a fusion of Japanese and Brazilian flavors will certainly appeal to your appetite.

Of course, the food is not the only thing that Uma Nota Manila offers. Cocktails enjoyed in a chic space sounds like a good way to spend your Friday nights.

I was recently invited to a special press dinner at Uma Nota last February 16, 2024, celebrating the grand opening of Manila's first Brazilian-Japanese restaurant and bar. 

Truly, the food was delectable and a delight to feast on. The drinks were quite nice but I requested my cocktails to be alcohol-free since I needed to drive.

The menu for the night was the following (the actual serving size may be different):
Coxinhas De Frango
Dadinhos De Tapioca
Avocado Roll
Salmon Roll
Tataki De Carne De Sol
Black Cod
Garlic Rice
Uma Nota Salad
Abacaxi Churrasco
Matcha Layered Cake

Kyoto Sour: Atago No Matsu Sake, Grapefruit, Green Tabasco, Lemon, and Agave.

Coco Verde: Lime, Coconut Milk, Pandan, Mint, and Cachaca.

Coxinhas De Frango: Signature chicken and okra croquettes, homemade chili sauce.

Dadinhos De Tapioca: Brazilian tapioca and cheese dices, sweet chili sauce.

Avocado Roll: Grilled Asparagus, shibuzake, cucumber, vegan herb mayonnaise, crispy cassava.

Salmon Roll: Cucumber, wasabi cream cheese, avocado, sweet soy, ikura.

Tataki De Carne De Sol: Lightly cured beef tenderloin, smoked ponzu, black garlic mayonnaise, crispy shallots.

Black Cod: Butter-miso sauce

Garlic Rice

Uma Nota Salad: Mixed greens, mango, tomato, avocado, wasabi ponzu dressing.

Abacaxi Churrasco

Matcha Layered Cake: Hokkaido milk ice cream, pink cotton candy cloud.

My favorite was the Tataki De Carne De Sol.

Designed by Asmaa Said, founder of The Odd Duck Studio, Uma Nota unfolds as a sensory journey through four distinct realms. The Living Room, with its striking 'Hanging Tree' installation, seamlessly transitions from upscale dining to a vibrant, seductive evening space. The Bar fosters an intimate social atmosphere, while Tropicalia pays tribute to the 70s Tropicália movement. The Meiji Room, with its Japanese mural, honors the rich heritage of the mass Japanese migration to São Paulo during the Meiji era.

Alexis Offe, Co-Founder of Uma Nota, shares his excitement, stating, “Uma Nota has always been a celebration of cultural harmony, a symphony where Brazilian and Japanese influences dance together. Our journey into Manila is more than just an expansion; it's an immersion into the rich tapestry of flavors and experiences unique to this vibrant city.” He adds that the difference with Hong Kong, Manila will be elevating the experience, big events will become a regular part of the program, promising a dynamic atmosphere that goes beyond the ordinary. Uma Nota Manila is not just a venue; it's a destination for those seeking a thrilling blend of entertainment, design, and immersive experiences.

Location: Uma Nota Manila is located at the Shangri-La The Fort 30th Street, corner 5th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila. They are open from 6PM to 2AM. 

Dinner: Sun-Tue, 6:00 pm - 12:00AM

Bar Hours:
Sun-Tue, 6:00PM - 2:00AM
|Wed-Sat 6:00PM - 4:00AM