All you need to know about the Ajinomoto Konbini Experience! Soup & Go® is finally here in the Philippines!

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. It sets the mood for how you start your mornings and essentially becomes your fuel to kickstart your tasks, may it be in school, at the office, at home, or anywhere you’re meant to be for the day. Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC), considers this as a vital part of one’s twenty-four hour period, especially here in the Philippines, as it launches its first easy-to-make breakfast that takes less than a minute to prepare! This is the perfect companion for those on-the-go, and also for those who want a hassle free quick breakfast that doesn’t compromise nutritional value and that savory flavor.

For the first time ever, a live demonstration on how to prepare the Ajinomoto Soup & Go® was celebrated at the Konbini. (A Japanese term for convenience store) Located in Market Market Taguig, the pop-up store is a site to see in the middle of the mall’s open space near the terminals, that mimics a real life convenience store which sells Ajinomoto products. This will surely catch everyone’s attention and excite you to explore what is in its glass walls. Graced by APC President Mr. Koichi Ozaki, Mr. Koichi himself demonstrates how easy it is to prepare the tasty breakfast soup. All that is needed is to have your own cup, pour in the contents of the Soup & Go® sachet, add hot water and stir. After following these easy steps, all that’s left is to wait for 1 minute to finally have that first serving of the delicious soup. 

“We are very excited for the Philippines because we know how the Filipino people love breakfast. With Soup & Go®, our aim is to make their mornings brighter through a convenient dish that’s flavorful and nutritious made with carefully selected ingredients from Japan like corn from the Hokkaido farms (just for corn flavor), and authentic milk from Japan  (for all flavors),” says Mr. Koichi Ozaki when asked about what the company aims to achieve with Soup & Go®.

Soup & Go® comes in three flavors, including Corn, Potato, and Pumpkin, packaged with three single-serve sachets in each box and is available at only Php85. Currently available exclusively in 7-11 branches for the first three months. Soon, Soup & Go® will be available nationwide. 

“We in Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation are committed to championing a lifestyle that indeed echoes our slogan, Eat Well, Live Well. Through our newest product, Soup & Go®, we are optimistic that it will not only make the mornings of our Filipino customers more convenient, but will also equip them with the necessary nutrients and boost their mood by starting their day with a healthier and flavorful breakfast.” ends Mr. Koichi Ozaki.

Soup & Go® is Ajinomoto’s first instant soup product introduced to the Philippine market. APC believes that through these easy-to-prepare meals, their customers are given wider options when it comes to choosing a healthy and flavorful meal that is sure to sustain their nutritional needs for the morning without compromising their daily budget and quality of food. For APC, quality and taste has always been paramount when it comes to their products, and the Soup & Go® is testament to the continued innovation and commitment of the company to improving the quality of life of the Filipino people through nutrition and everyday ingredients that elevates every meal. 

The Soup & Go® official brand video was also shown during the event held at the Konbini & Go, you may enjoy the video here: