Tenya’s Newest Offer Might Be Your Ticket to Japan

On November 10, Tenya, the most successful restaurant chain in Japan, is introducing its new masterpiece: Mt. Fuji Tendon! Recently, Tenya, along with General Manager Edmundo “Iggy” Ramos, Jr. hosted a lunch so that the teams from All Nippon Airways (ANA) and the Japanese National Tourism Organization (JNTO) could try their newest creation. Tenya wanted to see what their Japanese partners had to say, and the results were unanimous–excellent all around!

The team was treated to succulent black tiger prawns, perfectly fried, piled on top of a corn and potato croquette, all over rice, and crowned by a generous helping of Tenya’s original don tare sauce. The dish is filling, the rice is perfectly cooked, and the prawns are big and juicy. Each Mt. Fuji Tendon bowl is arranged artfully so the prawns resemble the dome of the famous volcano. The Japanese guests were blown away, delighted by the inventive presentation, the crisp texture, and the delicious taste.

The lunch was a great success. The team decided that this dish was so good that it deserved its own special promo. For every purchase of one Mt. Fuji Tendon, customers get one raffle entry. From those entries, three lucky winners will be chosen to go on a trip on ANA to Tokyo. 

Every luscious bite brings you closer to winning the Japanese vacay of your dreams!

Tenya’s newest menu offering: The Mt. Fuji Tendon
This new offering is another innovation from Tenya, the most trusted name in tempura tendon here and in Japan. Satisfy your cravings with the ultimate tempura sensation! It’s so good that it transports anyone who eats it to Japan, and three lucky customers actually get to go! Try the brand-new Mt. Fuji Tendon today at any Tenya branch and win the chance for a trip of a lifetime!

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