Japonesa brings a Gastronomical Adventure of Japanese-Peruvian Flavors to Poblacion, Makati [Review]

Dive into a culinary adventure as you discover the delicious flavors of Japanese-Peruvian dishes. Although it is an uncommon combination here in Metro Manila, Japanese-Peruvian cuisine which is also known as Nikkei has been around the culinary world for a few years now. Shaped by Japanese culinary techniques which are known for their careful preparation and attention to quality, Japanese-Peruvian cuisine brings the best of both worlds as Peruvian dishes and flavors are elevated to a whole new level.

Every dish appears to be an art. However, it is not only the appearance that these dishes have going on for them. A tantalizing taste, each dish floods the mouth with a deep umami flavor. Truly, it makes one wonder where these dishes have been all their lives.

As for the ambience, the place gives off a very chill vibe. One can relax and enjoy their food to the fullest. One of the highlights of their interior includes a gorgeous bar table area. It is a 14-seater table custom made for the restaurant’s main dining room. Inspired by Japanese Kintsugi art which is the technique of repairing broken pottery with resin and gold, the solid wooden slab has gold resin spidered throughout the "cracked" surface which gives a luxuriously sleek look that one does not see everyday. This extravagant surface truly brings out the beauty of their cocktail drinks as it creates an opulent atmosphere.

Verde Ceviche
Featuring Norwegian Salmon on a bed of sauce compromising of lemon, apple and coconut milk, the Verde Ceviche is a perfect starter for the gastronomical adventure to come. The fresh salmon paired with a delicious citrusy sauce with crispy sweet potato chips will surely leave you wanting for more.

Maguro Tiraditos
Not only is the Maguro Tiraditos a vibrant work of art, the fresh tuna and its sesame-mango sauce brings about a savory taste with a bit of spiciness.

Bomba Camerones
Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, the shrimp and spicy aioli of the Bomba Camerones is deliciously savory.

Unagi Sushi
Sweet and savory flavors come together with the taste of the saltwater tender eel that was grilled to perfection.

Puno Roll
With soft and chewy rice, the Puno Roll features crab claw meat with fresh cucumber, cucumber and shrimp tempura. Drizzled with delicious sauce and topped with chili threads, the Puno Roll is certainly a pleasing sight for those who love to eat sushi rolls.

Pescado y Gambas al Ajillo
Tender white fish and fresh, chewy shrimp sit on top of a generous amount of savory butter garlic sauce. The savory flavor goes well with the tanginess of capers.

Pollo Mostaza
With tender chicken paired with a creamy zesty dijon sauce, there’s a lot to love about the Pollo Mostaza. The delicious sauce makes even the leafy green vegetable extra delicious.

Japonesa Iced Tea
A blend of hibiscus, passion fruit and lime, the Japonesa Iced Tea was citrusy and sweet but not too sweet.

Pineapple Cucumber Juice
A mildly sweet drink, the Pineapple Cucumber Juice offers a fresh and refreshing taste to refresh the palate.

Overall, I really loved the freshness and tenderness of the food. The sauces are especially delicious and will make you crave for more. Everything is of good quality, down to the soy sauce they use for their sushi. The soy sauce tastes very umami and not heavy, much like the soy sauces used by restaurants in Japan.

Japonesa is the third establishment to be opened by Notorious Concepts within the bustling area of Poblacion. Its conceptualization was brought about by the meeting of Notorious Concepts CEO James Thomas and Luis Higa, a Japanese national who lived in Peru for nearly half of his life who is also the Head Chef of Japonesa. 

Japonesa Operating hours
Sunday to Thursday 11AM - 1AM
Friday to Saturday 11AM -3AM

Japonesa is located at 5856 Jacobo St., Brgy Poblacion, Makati City.

All guests are encouraged to make a reservation before coming to the restaurant. Walk-ins are welcome but will be subject to table availability. Reservations can be made by messaging their official Facebook page or their Instagram page (@japonesapoblacion). The restaurant can seat around 80 people but soon they will also open their second floor.