Happy 7th Birthday, foodpanda!

Happy 7th Birthday, foodpanda! Thank you for letting me be a part of your birthday celebration! I’ve always loved ordering food from foodpanda because of the awesome food deals. A majority of the food I post on my Instagram and Facebook are food that I’ve ordered via foodpanda while the others are food that my family ordered via foodpanda.

Ordering food from foodpanda is always convenient and I’ve even ordered for a friend before. She was feeling down so I ordered a cup of milk tea for her.

I’m even a foodpanda pro subscriber because it gives me a bigger discount and I always take advantage of their promos.

Back to foodpanda’s 7th birthday, foodpanda is celebrating their birthday with a month-long celebration this June 2021. Aside from great deals and exclusive promos, there’s also a birthday raffle where you can get a chance to win cash and grand prizes. Seven Vespas, 7 iPhone12 Pro Max and 7 Apple Watch are up for grabs in their birthday raffle. To participate, simply use their code “7BDAYBLOWOUT” upon checkout.

As part of their surprise party package that they sent me, I received a Jollibee family pan of Jolly Spaghetti and a tray of barbecue. My daughter enjoyed the props they sent and I think any kid would love the huge 7 balloon, panda party hat, panda piñata, foodpanda stickers, and the party popper that they sent. My kit also came with a foodpanda shirt and foodpanda metal bottle. To top it off, I also received their iconic foodpanda insulated bag which foodpanda riders use when they make their deliveries. We were even joking that “pwede na kami maging foodpanda riders” because we had an insulated bag ready.

P.S. I really enjoyed the food since I ate it right after working out (lol). The food actually arrived while I was working out so I had to cut my workout short. Hence, I look a bit haggard in the photos.


  1. nagutom ako 🤭 sa foodpanda hehe .. 😘

    1. Nakakagutom talaga kasi ang sasarap ng mga pagkain ng restos na nasa foodpanda.💖


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