Premium Imported Fruits from Persephone's Farm Review

Fresh and sweet fruits, what better way to start the day than eating healthy while enjoying it? Reap the benefits of eating healthy by eating fruits while savoring them with the sweetness that fresh and high-quality fruits can offer. Such fresh and high-quality fruits can be found at Persephone’s Farm, a store that offers premium and imported produce.

Aside from sweet fruits, Persephone’s Farm also sells delicious imported vegetables that will surely brighten up your meals and make eating vegetables a delectable experience.

Just how is quality assured when it comes to the premium fruits and vegetables offered by Persephone’s Farm? According to Persephone’s Farm, their “team does a routine inspection of our farmers from planting to harvesting, getting to know every bit of nuance since each farm and fruit is different.”

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Driscoll’s Raspberries Framboises
Naturipe Blueberries Bleuets
Hami/Snow Melon

With only high-quality fruits included in my box of fruits, all the fruits I received were fresh and ripe. They were all ready for consumption and I cannot help but gush over their Korean strawberries! Apart from having a picture-perfect appearance, their Korean strawberries are large and are deliciously sweet. 

Speaking of sweet fruits, the melon was just so juicy and sweet. It’s definitely a sweet treat for such a scorching summer day, consuming it is definitely a refreshing way to cool down.

The availability of their produce varies by day and the prices are subjected to change as well. To get the updated prices, you can join their Viber group where they post the available goods and prices daily.

You can also have your fruits or vegetables delivered within Metro Manila. Their delivery schedule is 1pm onwards for orders made before 12nn and the delivery rate varies per location.

Persephone’s Farm is located at The Gardens, Loyola Grand Villas Katipunan, Quezon City.

Store Operating Hours
Persephone’s Farm is open daily from 9am to 7pm.

You may contact them at 09175993895 or message their Facebook page