Chikaokaya Umikaze to Toki no Takara Seasoning Set Review: A Century of Hand Brewing Japanese Soy Sauce

If you've ever wanted to keep high-quality soy sauces in your kitchen, then you'll love this Umikaze to Toki no Takara seasoning set. Reminisce of the soy sauce found in high-end Japanese restaurants here in the Philippines, you'll get to enjoy the authentic taste of naturally brewed soy sauces from a Japanese company that has over a century's worth of experience in brewing soy sauce.

Rich History and Tradition found in Chikaokaya Soy Sauce
In a town at the entrance of Noto Peninsula, surrounded by rich marine life and abundant nature, Chikaokaya Shoyu Co. has been brewing soy sauce by hand since its establishment in 1919 while preserving the rich flavor of Noto soy sauce. To achieve the rich and unique flavor of Chikaokaya’s soy sauce, brewers carefully watch over the lactobacillus and yeast bacteria that live in the wooden vats. It takes two years for the “moromi” made in the cedar barrels to ferment and mature, this careful process allows the flavor to be mellow and with a hint of salt.

Packed with care, the Umikaze to Toki no Takara soy sauce set comes in a neat and charming packaging. 

Each set contains the following:
1 Umikaze to Toki no Takara 200ml
1 Kombu Ponzu 300ml
1 Ume Ponzu 300ml

To describe it simply in one word, the Umikaze to Toki no Takara will make you think of the word "umami". The first thing I noticed about this soy sauce is the smell, it's very fragrant unlike the soy sauce available locally which I found a bit pungent. The Umikaze to Toki no Takara soy sauce on the other hand has a savory scent that entices the appetite. As for the taste, it's umami and it doesn't taste too salty, it has a bit of a seafood taste. It would be great to pair this with sushi or a bowl of rice, as it will make it even more delicious.

I haven't tried the two ponzu sauce yet since I'm not sure if I can immediately consume all three of the seasonings before they expire. I'll update my review once I try the other seasonings.

Originating from Japan, Chikaokaya Shoyu Co. is the manufacturer of the Umikaze to Toki no Takara seasoning set. To preserve the rich and deep roots of Japan's food culture, Chikaokaya Soy Sauce continues to produce soy sauce with all their hearts. Using the original cedar barrels and linen, Chikaokaya utilizes the traditional methods used by soy sauce brewers.

The Umikaze to Toki no Takara seasoning set is available at Tocoo Mall and is priced at $34.93 (USD) for one set of 3 seasoning. Use my code NB2AH to get 10% off your purchase on Tocoo Mall.

Watch me unbox the Umikaze to Toki no Takara seasoning set.