Ohhmy Takoyaki Tako, Kani & Chizu Review

Ohhmy Takoyaki is a takoyaki home-based business that started in September 2020. Currently, they are based in Las Pinas and Quezon City, and they will soon open their branch at Paranaque City. They have also opened a stall in Mercato Centrale’s Pasayahin BaYummyhan at SM Moa By the Bay.

The takoyaki though itself was chewy and somewhat creamy. The creaminess paired with the crunchy vegetables was truly a treat for the tongue. With generous servings of the sauce, all the takoyaki could be coated with enough of their savory sauce. Apart from having generous servings of sauce, the takoyaki itself was large, it was around twice the size of other takoyaki.

The octopus from the Ohhhmy Tako variant was chewy and not overcooked. Cheese lovers would definitely appreciate the Ohhhmy Chizu variant and would be surprised at how well cheese goes with Ohhhmy Takoyaki. Both the Ohhhmy Tako and the Ohhhmy Kani had a generous amount of bonito flakes, making the takoyaki even more savory. It had a combination of bonito flakes that were whole and bonito flakes which were cut into smaller sizes.

At first, I mistook this one for one whole takoyaki but it was actually half of the takoyaki which was why I said that their takoyaki is twice the size of the usual takoyaki.

Their takoyaki is addictive and it really fills the tummy. 

Ohhhmy Tako (octobits)
Ohhhmy Kani (crab meat)
Ohhhmy Chizu (triple cheese)

Ohhhmy Tako [4pcs Php70] [12pcs Php190]
Ohhhmy Kani [4pcs Php70] [12pcs Php190]
Ohhhmy Chizu [4pcs Php90] [12pcs Php250]

Contact details
Las Pinas 0927 354 1222
Quezon City 0998 226 0939

For more details, visit their Facebook page.