From savvy homemaker to brand ambassador: Connh Cruz Wins Mega Prime's 2020 Prime Mom Search

 From savvy homemaker to brand ambassador: Mega Prime announces mom and entrepreneur Connh Cruz as the winner of its 2020 Prime Mom Search.

From fifteen (15) preliminary contenders joining Mega Prime Quality’s online search for its newest brand ambassador, mom and entrepreneur Connh Cruz emerged as the winner wowing everyone with her amazing creativity, resourcefulness, and great cooking. 

The Prime Mom Search is an online contest launched by Mega Prime in November 2020 that aims to choose the best homemaker to represent the brand and its values. The search consisted of three challenges which were all captured on video – a cooking challenge, a grocery haul challenge, and a three-course meal challenge. Throughout the contest, Connh won the hearts of judges with her skills, versatility, and smart thinking.

“Since we started the Prime Mom Club, we have always been on the lookout for engaging and enriching activities that may bring inspiration and well-deserved recognition to moms. This is the very reason why we launched the Prime Mom Search - to encourage moms to become savvier homemakers and to provide learning opportunities through interactions with fellow moms,” says Chris Fernadez, Marketing Director of Mega Global Corp. 

Following her win, Connh Cruz of Malabon City recently signed up as the next #MegaPrimeMomAmbassador, following on the heels of celebrity endorser and Prime Mom Club honorary member Marian Rivera and Chef Rosebud Benitez. The Prime Mom Club is Mega Global’s fast-growing online community of homemakers who share knowledge and learn from each other in their quest to become better at their craft.

Conn, a businesswoman, and a homemaker was chosen among several aspirants who went through a fun but rigorous screening process that entailed showing off their home management and cooking skills.

In the cooking challenge, Connh whipped up a delicious creamy baked chicken rice—a mouthwatering and truly satisfying dish that is amazingly budget-friendly using Mega Prime’s high-quality products. She also impressed judges with her choices during a grocery haul challenge, wherein contestants had to pick ingredients for a three-course meal with a grocery budget of P2,000. Conn’s practical choices of kitchen staples and high-quality ingredients captured her meal planning and budgeting skills.

Her challenge videos showcased that one can come up with hearty meals while maximizing savings through the use of high-quality, well-chosen ingredients such as those found in Mega Prime’s wide array of products. Connh shared that she particularly likes cooking Filipino classics to delight her husband and children.  

As she takes on her new role as Mega Prime Mom Club ambassador, she has this to say to other homemakers: “Don’t be afraid to try new and simple recipes using easy-to-find ingredients. If you have ideas or questions, do share them with the Prime Mom Club community so we can learn from each other. I look forward to going on a fun learning experience with all of you!”

Join #MegaPrimeMomAmbassador Connh Cruz in an exciting journey of culinary and home-making discoveries. Check out home tips, speak with other moms, and create new recipes by joining the Prime Mom Club by signing up on