Ulam Mama Review: Convenient and Affordable Frozen Ready-to-Eat Meals

 Whether you know how to cook or not, Ulam Mama is here to help. A convenient and affordable food option that offers frozen ready-to-eat meals that cost below P100. All you have to do is microwave or boil them and you're ready to eat. Apart from Filipino favorites, they also have Japanese and Korean dishes.

As a mom who used to live in a condo, the idea of having ready to eat food is an idea I welcome. I remember the times when my daughter was smaller and clingier. I couldn’t cook properly or I would end up cooking with a toddler clinging on to me or me carrying her.

Just imagine if I had a ready-to-eat food stash on my freezer back then, condo living would have been easier. It could also act as an emergency food stash. Imagine going home tired and having no time to cook, you can simply grab an Ulam Mama pack from the freezer and microwave it.

Masarap, mabilis, malinis and mas sulit.
Microwavable plastic bag.
Shelf life: 3-6 months when frozen.
From freezer to refrigerator, can last 3 days.
Vacuum sealed pack.
Single serve.
Can boil it.
Fully cooked already.
Blast freezing is their preservation method.
P60 - P80 for 120gram variants

Saucy BBQ Chicken
Chicken Popcorn
Paksiw na Baboy
Pork Dinuguan
Pork Giniling
Pork Sisig
Pork Bopis
Pork Humba
Beef Caldereta
Beef Gyudon
Beef Pares
Korean Beef Stew
Beef Balls in Gravy
Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Bicol Express
Pork Steak
Pork Menudo
Pork Sinigang

How to Microwave it
If you want to microwave it, thaw it first in hot water and slightly open the pack.

How to Boil it
Simply put the plastic pack into boiling water.

Ongoing Promo
4 flavors: Beef Gyudon, Chicken Popcorn, Pork Giniling, and Beef Pares
Budget Bundle: P180 for 4 packs of 90g each
Busog Bundle: P310 for 4 packs of 120g each

All Beef Budget Bundle: P180 for 4 packs of 90g each
Flavors: Beef Pares, Beef Balls w/ Gravy, Beef Balls, and Korean Beef Stew

All Beef Busog Bundle: P300 for 4 packs of 120g each
Flavors: Beef Gyudon, Beef Pares, Beef Balls, and Korean Beef Stew.

I was sent 90g packs of the following flavors: Beef Gyudon, Beef Pares, Beef Balls, and Korean Beef Stew, Saucy BBQ Chicken, Chicken Popcorn, and Pork Giniling. When my Ulam Mama frozen meals arrived, it was still somewhat frozen. I find it really convenient since I only had to microwave the frozen meals. If you thaw it out first, you can actually transfer the meals to a microwavable bowl if you’re not comfortable with microwaving plastic. However, the plastic is microwavable so you don’t have to worry about it.

I love how there is a lot of sauce in each frozen meal. The sauce itself is very flavorful, the type that you can eat with rice and still feel very satisfied or as they say, “'masarap ulamin' yung sauce." All of the meat was very tender, and that’s saying a lot because I had to microwave the food twice since the food got cold while I was taking videos and pictures.

By the way, the two photos have the flavors arranged in the same order. It's like a before and after photo.

Ulam Mama is also a food service provider, they also cater to events and call centers. Both of their cooked meals and frozen meals are also available in FoodPanda and GrabFood. They have different prices for FoodPanda and GrabFood.

Pickup Address
Ulam Mama is located at 426 Bulalakaw, Mandaluyong.

For more information, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ulammama.