What is AminoVITAL and what does it taste like?

A ready-to-drink BCAA jelly drink, aminoVITAL contains 3,000mg of amino acids which are known to be the building blocks of proteins. Of the 3,000mg of amino acids, most of it consist of branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs.

What is BCAA?
BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs are essential for training since it helps you perform better and recover faster.

What are the benefits of BCAAs?
AminoVITAL has no approved therapeutic claims. According to Healthline, here are five proven benefits of BCAAs:

  1. Increase muscle growth
  2. Decrease muscle soreness
  3. Reduce exercise fatigue
  4. Prevent muscle wasting
  5. Benefit people with liver disease

AminoVITAL® is Ajinomoto's newest sports nutrition brand. It is a jelly-based drink that contains 3,000mg of amino acids, including BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid). It helps reduce fatigue and muscle loss during high-intensity training and strenuous physical activity.

Why use Amino Vital®?
FAST ABSORPTION: Quick absorption is essential for the body in preparation for training. In 30 – minutes, the amino acids from Amino Vital® are absorbed faster into the body allowing you to be ready for your training workout.

CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE: Amino Vital® makes preparing for your workout convenient and easy. No water or mixing is needed! Just drink it directly from the pack and you are good to go.

Drink 1 pack 30 minutes before training to allow ample time for absorption.

What does it taste like?
I'm not sure how to describe the taste, the apple flavor is there for sure but there's a hint of bitterness that makes it taste kind of like a plant. I was able to finish it without minding the taste, I was just slightly surprised by the very slightly bitter taste since I was expecting it to taste the apple flavor all the way.

You can get the AminoVITAL (100g) at Shopee for P100.

For more information, visit Ajinomoto's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CookmunitybyAjinomotoPH.