Sweet Toni MNL Banana Bread Loaf Review

I'm not a big fan of bananas but when it comes to banana bread, it's a whole different story. When I heard that my banana bread from Sweet Toni MNL was going to be delivered today, I couldn't contain my excitement.

Sweet Toni MNL offers freshly baked banana bread loaves that will surely please any banana bread lover.

When I opened up the Sweet Toni MNL banana bread's packaging, the delicious smell of bananas filled the air. I love how moist the banana bread is. It’s sweet but not too sweet and the cashews complement the delicious taste of bananas without overpowering the taste of bananas. It’s not nakakaumay either, you won’t get tired of the taste and if it wasn’t so late into the night, I would have eaten more despite already eating two thick slices of banana bread.

My daughter loves bananas and would often ask me to make her banana pancakes. When she heard that the bread I was holding was banana bread, she couldn’t help but be excited. While we were taking photos, she was already sneaking a bite or two. When I asked her if it was yummy, she said yes! I asked her if she wanted more, I got another yes.

I usually don’t like taking photos at night but since my baby and I were both excited to try the banana bread, I decided to take the photos as soon as possible. We couldn’t resist the fragrant smell of the banana bread!

For inquiries, kindly contact Sweet Toni MNL via email or their mobile number: 09182781997 or sweettonimnl@gmail.com.


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