Pantry Hut Tiramisu Review

My mom ordered tiramisu from Pantry Hut and I was told it was highly praised. Given that I've been depriving myself of sweets for six days due to my recovery wisdom teeth extraction, I was raring to consume something sweet. I was due for another wisdom tooth extraction the next day so I decided to indulge a little since the tiramisu looked soft enough for my teeth to handle.

Pantry Hut's products are:
Free from preservatives
Made to order
Made fresh
Made with high-quality ingredients

Pantry Hut Tiramisu Review
I love how Pantry Hut's Tiramisu is not too sweet, it has just the right amount of sweetness. Unlike other tiramisus, this tiramisu is hardly sweet but thanks to their slight bitterness of the generous amount of cocoa powder sprinkled on top of the tiramisu, the sweetness of the tiramisu was greatly enhanced. The tiramisu was super moist and creamy. Biting into the tiny chunks of chocolate was a sweet surprise in contrast to the super soft cake, completing the Pantry Hut tiramisu experience.

Sometimes I crave desserts that have a hint of bitterness with them and Pantry Hut's tiramisu is exactly the kind of dessert that I occasionally crave for.

Apart from tiramisu, the Pantry Hut also sells gourmet pasta sauces. I wasn't able to taste this one because my wisdom teeth wound might not be able to handle the crunchiness of the crostinis yet but my mom says it was good.

Tiramisu (1-2 persons) P350
Tiramisu (3-4 persons) P1,000
Basil Pesto 8oz P270
Roasted Tomato & Garlic 8oz P230
Vodka Tomato Cream 8oz P230

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