Kenkobei Instant Heating Chicken Curry Rice Meal Review

One of the presents I received from Shopee was the Kenkobei Instant Heating Rice Meal. It's a meal you can prepare without heating or microwaving it, all you need is to add water. This would be perfect for camping trips or road trips. I'll be reviewing the Chicken Curry Rice variant.

Instant Meal Review
There are water level indicators on the container of the Kenkobei meal. The indicator for the self-heating pack is very obvious but the one for the rice confused me a bit because of the arrow. It's very important to make sure that the surface you'll be putting your meal on can handle boiling water. If you watch my video, you'll see that the pack is hot enough to boil water and I think it only took it 10-20 seconds to make the water boil.

I had to wear gloves to take off the cover because the container was really hot. Even after 10 minutes, the self-heating pack was still smoking. Make sure to keep the container while the food is cooking away from children's reach because it can scald them. I tried touching the edge of the cover and it was really hot.

Food Review
I love the rice! It's so chewy, it's kind of like glutinous rice or maybe it is glutinous rice. I wonder if they sell the rice separately because it's really good. I do wish there were more curry because I'm the type of person who eats more ulam than rice. The curry itself is not spicy but it's very umami. As for the meat, it's tender and savory. I think this meal is made for people who eat a lot of rice because there is a lot of rice.

While I love the innovative concept, I would love to see them do this on a more sustainable option. My suggestion would be to sell reusable containers such as metal containers where there would also be 2 layers, just like our metal lunch boxes. The rice could also come in paper packaging and the sauce could also come in a kraft paper with wax lining packaging. They could sell the sauce, rice, and heating pack on its own, as an option, if one already has a reusable container. These are just my two cents and I don't if it's actually feasible.

Chicken Curry, Sauteed Garlic, Kung Pao Chicken and Braised Beef.

Price and Availability
Kenkobei Instant Heating Rice Meal is available at Shopee for P148.

Watch me try the  Kenkobei Instant Heating Chicken Curry Rice Meal.