Cooling Down with Grape Soda and Grape Ice Pops

Frozen grapes are a refreshing and healthy treat perfect for the hot summer weather, but if you want to try something new with this delicious fruit then you could try making grape ice pops or grape soda like I did. I love using Australian Table Grapes because of its natural sweetness which means there is no need to add sugar. With these grapes, even if I added a bit of lemon juice, it was still sweet.

I've cut each grape into 8 parts since the grapes were a bit big and I was going to give the grape ice pops to my toddler. As for the juice, I've juiced the grapes and added some lemon juice. The grape juice gives off a pretty purple color,

Like the grape ice pops, I use grape juice and lemon juice for the grape soda. I added the non-alcohol sparkling juice, I used apple-raspberry flavored sparkling juice.

Of course, with these crisp, juicy grapes, enjoying it as it is would still make for a refreshing and sweet treat. I got these grapes from Taste Australia and their grapes never disappoint, it's always sweet, juicy and crisp.