Unlimited Samgyupsal, Skewers, Side Dishes, Chicken Wings, Ramen and a Free Serving of Milk Tea for only P499 at Samgyup King

If you love unlimited barbecue but can’t be bothered with cooking it, why not try SamgyupKing where you can enjoy samgyupsal and skewers? Their grill can turn your skewers automatically so you can enjoy eating your food while watching your food grilled in front of you. Apart from unlimited barbecue options, they also serve unlimited side dishes and more.

While the meat for the samgyupsal is being cooked on a metal plate on top of the charcoal, the skewers are grilled directly over the fire of the charcoal, adding extra smoky flavors which made our meal all the more delicious.

I love that their unlimited barbecue comes with one serving of milk tea. Their milk tea flavors include Okinawa, Hokkaido, Thai and Taro.

Samgyupsal Menu
Beef Bulgogi
Pork Bulgogi
Spicy Pork Bulgogi
Chicken Bulgogi
Spicy Chicken Bulgogi
Salt & Pepper Beef
Salt & Pepper Pork

Unlimited Chicken & Mojos
Buffalo Wings
Soy Garlic Wings
Plain Chicken Wings with Gravy
Potato Mojos

Unlimited Skewers
Sweet Longanisa
Garlic Longanisa
Sausage BBQ
Pig Ears
Pork BBQ
Spicy Pork BBQ
Chicken BBQ
Corn Cob
Pork Big Intestines
Gizzard BBQ
Meatloaf BBQ
Chicken Wing BBQ

Side Dishes
Egg Roll
Pickled Radish & Carrots
Potato Marbles

For P499, you get:
Unlimited Samgyupsal (Pork, Beef & Chicken)
Unlimited Skewers
Unlimited Wings & Mojos
Unlimited Side Dishes
Unlimited Rice Ramen & Lettuce
1 Serving of Milk Tea

SamgyupKing prides itself in serving Korean unlimited barbecue marinated with authentic Korean spices, with more meat and fewer fats, making it a healthier sampyupsal option. I forgot to try the ramen because I was so busy enjoying the skewers but according to their Facebook page, their ramen is by request unlike the rest of their food options which are available in the buffet area.

SamgyupKing is located on the fourth floor of Fishermall, Quezon Ave., Quezon City.


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