Mega SardiNation: A Celebration of Filipino's Love for Sardines

Nutritious, delicious, and most of all, affordable, sardines are well-loved by Filipinos all over the country. Packed with health benefits, sardines are no doubt an excellent addition to our everyday meals and it is available almost anywhere be it in supermarkets, sari-sari stores and even convenience stores. That’s why Mega Global, the leading sardines manufacturer in the Philippines, launched Mega SardiNation, the first-ever National Sardines Day celebration last November 24, 2019, at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall headlined by no less than Mega Sardines ambassador Mr. Piolo Pascual with special guests Dimples Romana and Mike Enriquez.

As a sardines eating nation, Mega SardiNation highlights sardines as a well-loved Filipino staple and is also an avenue for Mega Global to further their commitment to improving the lives of Filipino communities, particularly in the health and nutrition sector. With its signature 12-hour Catching-to-Canning process, Mega Global ensures that its sardines are of the highest quality to give consumers the needed health benefits in each can.

The National Sardines Day brought families and friends together in a fun-packed and interactive event with free health and nutrition consultations, taste tests, a fun claw grabber game, and other activities for the guests to enjoy. With a push for Filipinos to make healthier choices through proper meal planning, the event also featured a discussion on health and nutrition facilitated by Mike Enriquez together with the Nutrition Center of the Philippines. The panelists highlighted how sardines are a nutritious addition to any meal and the different factors that affect the health and nutrition of Filipino families.

Adding some high-tech fun to the event, guests enjoyed a virtual reality experience of Mega Global’s trademark 12-hour Catching-to-Canning process onboard its Mega Barko. Using VR, guests experienced the renowned process that Mega Global observes to ensure that the fish they catch using sustainable methods are kept fresh and canned within 12 hours to bring consumers only the freshest and tastiest sardines.

Attendees were also delighted and entertained by the presence of Mega Sardines’ brand ambassador Piolo Pascual as he talked about the meticulous 12-hour catching to canning process and his personal experiences with Mega Sardines making it his brand of choice. Special guest Dimples Romana shared personal insights on how she appreciates the nutritional benefits and quality found in each can of Mega Sardines making it an ideal meal for the whole family.

The National Sardines Day truly showed how this well-loved Filipino staple can improve the lives of families and communities through each can. Through this event, Mega Global hopes that each family can make better choices in meal planning and continue to provide their family with the right nutrients they need through Mega Sardines.