Toucan Brazilian Barbecue Buffet Review

Fresh off the grill, Toucan Brazilian Barbecue Buffet serves freshly grilled Brazilian style barbecue to its customers where the cooks go around from table to table to slice from a slab of grilled meat onto your plates. However, they not only grill meat but they also grill bananas and pineapples which were surprisingly delicious.

Definitely a unique experience, dining at Toucan was a different kind of dining adventure. From the window, you can watch the cooks marinate the meat in their delicious sauces before putting them in the grill. Once the meat is ready, they take the freshly grilled meat which is placed on a long metal skewer and go from table to table slicing off the outer parts of the slab of meat. After all the outer parts have been distributed, the slab of meat, the process of marination and grilling is repeated all over again.

What I love about this process is that you're always guaranteed to get a slice with a crunchy crust that's covered in their delicious marination. Of course, this is only applicable to the slabs of meats and not the other ones like the sausage, fruits and shrimp.

My favorites
Toucan's beef picania and shrimp are my favorites followed by the sausage and chicken. I love how fresh their shrimp was.

Of course, since their barbecue offerings are grilled on the spot, you'll have to wait for your favorite dishes to come out if you're fixated on a certain dish. You could always try their other grilled food or you could explore their buffet filled with sides, dessert and more.

Unli Brazilian Barbecue
Pork bacon
Pork belly
Beef picania
Baby beef
Grilled banana 
Grilled pineapple

I'm not sure if there were more grilled options as I might have been able to try all of them.

Creamy corn soup
Steamed rice
Fried rice
Baked mac
Egg roll
Buttered vegetables
Pork steak
Hash brown
Cheese balls
Brazilian cassava
Macaroni salad
Cherry tomato
Egg salad
Sweet potato
French beans
Mixed vegetable
Apple salad
Ice Cream


Lunch buffet: 11:30AM - 2PM
Dinner buffet: 5:30PM - 9:00PM

Toucan Brazilian BBQ Buffet is located at the upper ground floor, expansion wing of Festival Mall, Filinvest City, Alabang.