Paluto All You Can at Isla Sugbu Seafood City [Review]

Complete with shopping for our own fresh seafood, the paluto experience Isla Sugbu provides reminds me of when we used to eat at dampa where my parents would buy fresh seafood from the market and bring it to the dampa where they would cook the food according to our wishes. Of course, at Isla Sugbu, it looks way more upscale. However, when it comes to the freshness of their seafood, they don’t lose out.

First, customers choose from a wide array of seafood, both live and fresh. Of course, there are extra charges for live ones. A person will assist the customers while they “shop” for seafood using small double-layered blue carts you often see in groceries.

I came to Isla Sugbu with my family to celebrate a relative’s birthday so there was a lot of us, which means we could try from more selections of food.

My favorites
Baked scallop with cheese, butter and garlic
Fried shrimp

What not to order:

Baked scallop with cheese, butter, and garlic
I couldn’t get enough of the baked scallop with cheese, butter and garlic, it was too good. Tender scallops filled with buttery and cheesy goodness were too good to resist.

Fried shrimp
Our cook at my parents’ place used to make fried shrimp the same way and it was one of my favorite dishes which I really miss a lot.

I’m pretty sure I ordered the thigh and leg part but I ended up getting a lot of breast parts which were had meat that was dry. I ordered this because I’m not supposed to eat a lot of seafood given my health condition. However, I wished I didn’t order it because I didn’t really like it.

I heard some of my relatives saying that their calamari used the China squid sold in supermarkets which were too tough. I was disappointed with this one because I was expecting tender squid.

Grilled Squid
Rather than ordering Calamari, you’re better off ordering grilled squid where the squid is tender.

Seaweed Salad
Their seaweed salad was actually pretty good. I think I was the who finished the whole plate from our table.

Tom Yum Soup
I’m not sure but this was probably the Tom Yum hot & sour soup. I liked it, it was kind of spicy.

Fried Fish with lemon sauce
Another must-try is the fried fish with lemon sauce, it was still crispy despite being covered in delicious lemon sauce.

Fresh Seafood
Isla Sugbu’s fresh seafood choices include octopus, baby squid, squid rings, scallop meat, boneless fish, shrimp, tanigue head, tanigue belly, salmon head, salmon belly, lapu-lapu, guso, squid lumot, solefish, pompano, talakitok, lambay, tuna panga, yellow fin tuna, labahita, and katamba.

Promo Rates
P848 Monday - Thursday 11AM - 3PM
P888 Monday to Thursday 6PM - 11PM
P888 Fridays & Holidays 11 AM - 3PM; 6PM - 11PM
P888 Saturdays to Sundays 10AM - 3PM; 6PM - 11PM

Isla Sugbu Seafood City is located on the second floor of Venice Grand Canal Mall, Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig City.