Kureji House of Sizzling Ramen Review

If you've ever found yourself getting annoyed at how your ramen gets cold, especially if you're the type to take a photo (or two… or ten) of your food first, then this sizzling ramen is the answer to your cold ramen problems.

Kureji or "crazy" is known to be the house of sizzling ramen. As the name suggests, they specialize in sizzling ramen where they serve their ramen in clay bowls.

You start off by letting the ramen components sizzle in your claypot and once the timer's up, it's time to pour the broth all over the ramen ingredients.

You can choose what kind of meat and what kind of soup you want for your ramen. As for us, we all ordered their best-seller the Spicy Tomato Mixed Seafood Sizzling Ramen. This doesn't come with egg so I had to order aji tamago. 

As someone who likes spicy food, I found that their Spicy Tomato Mixed Seafood Sizzling Ramen was kind of spicy. I like finishing my food fast so I was kind of impatient in regards to waiting for my soup and noodles to cool down on my spoon. This sizzling ramen never got cold the entire time we were eating. Even after 30 minutes of eating, the ramen was still hot. After finishing our ramen, we touched the clay bowl and it was still warm. 

If memory serves me right, the Mixed Seafood contained crab meat (the processed kind) as well as bits of squid and some salmon. They used thick noodles which I'm not a fan of, I'm more of thin noodles kind of person.

This kind of ramen is definitely perfect for the super cold weather but not so much for summer. 

We dined via Eatigo so we got 50% off.

We also tried their Gyoza, Karaage and Kani Salad. I liked their Karaage, it was delicious because of its coating and it remained crunchy even after we finished our ramen which took us around 45 minutes to finish.

Regular Price
Spicy Tomato Mixed Seafood Sizzling Ramen P420
Gyoza P200
Karaage P250
Kani Mango Salad P220

Kureji is located at Japan Town (4th floor) of Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City.