Ajinomoto Introduces a More Delicious and Nutritious Way to Enjoy Rice Through Its Calcium-Rich Rice Topping Mix

My little one can be a picky eater at times but one thing I’ve noticed is that she’s more eager to try new food or eat vegetables if it comes with rice. It could be because she sees comfort in seeing something familiar or something constant in all throughout her meals. At times, I may even worry about her eating too much rice and not enough of other more nutritious food. Luckily, today, I discovered a calcium-rich rice topping mix that makes rice more delicious and more delicious.

AJI SAVOR™ on Rice
I’m talking about Ajinomoto’s newest product, AJI SAVOR™ on Rice. If you’re familiar with the Japanese’s Furikake then you’ll love AJI SAVOR™ on Rice. Since rice is a staple food in the Philippines, Ajinomoto hopes to add more calcium into the diet of Filipinos through AJI SAVOR™ on Rice. AJI SAVOR™ contains 385mg of calcium, which is comparable to the calcium you get in drinking a glass of milk.

What’s in AJI SAVOR™ on Rice?
Inspired by the Japanese Furikake, AJI SAVOR™ on Rice contains a blend of ready-to-eat dried umami food ingredients such as malunggay leaves, toasted sesame seeds and meaty beef or chicken flavored granules that are used to season on rice. 

How to Enjoy AJI SAVOR™ on Rice?
Simply open a pack of AJI SAVOR™ on Rice, sprinkle it on your rice, and mix.

Kuya Omurice
Kuya “Omurice” Sawa, a Japanese who went viral for selling omurice or fried rice omelette to help street children, was invited to co-host the event. Kuya-san talked about the popularity of Furikake among Japanese children and his excitement about the launch of AJI SAVOR™ in the local market.

Young celebrity endorsers
Young celebrity endorsers, Chunsa Jung, Sophia Reola, and Marco Masa led everyone to dance to the beat of the new AJI SAVOR™ jingle during the JPOP and Kyaraben (Character Bento) Party organized by Ajinomoto.

Kyaraben Party
One of the event highlights is the Kyaraben boxed-lunch making activity where we all joined Ajinomoto’s Culinary Nutrition team in whipping up delicious and nutritious meals. Baby Q was excited to wear her apron and plastic gloves, but it wasn’t to help me prepare the bento, it was to eat all the fruits (lol).

Thank you Ajinomoto for inviting us to the AJI SAVOR™ on Rice product launch at Kidzania! 

As a food company, Ajinomoto utilizes its technical expertise to enhance the quality of life of Filipinos by offering delicious, safe and quality food products and promoting proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. For more information about AJI SAVOR™, please visit www.ajinomoto.com.ph and www.facebook.com/CookmunitybyAjinomotoPH.