Lihi: The Restaurant Where You Can Order Food Not on the Menu

Have you ever had a sudden craving for a certain food that’s not on the menu? Maybe you’ve tried asking the waiter if they could accommodate your request but you ended up getting turned down instead. Well, at Lihi Restaurant, you can order food even if it’s not listed on the menu. As long as they have the necessary ingredients, they’ll prepare the food your craving for, no matter how odd the request may be.

If you’re an expecting mom at your first trimester, then you’ll love Lihi Restaurant, especially if you’ve been having weird pregnancy cravings recently.

How odd can you ask for?
Upon interviewing Lihi’s marketing manager, I was told that one of the oddest requests they have received so far was a bowl of fried garlic. You read that right, a bowl of fried garlic. Not a bowl of garlic rice, but a bowl of fried garlic. Because, why not? If they can make it happen, then they’ll happily serve it to you.

Price for special requests
They have fixed prices for items that are already on the menu, but as for special requests, you can always ask first how much they’ll charge you for said request. However, you don’t have to worry about it being expensive as they already have a system for determining the prices and it’s not priced expensively.

Request ahead of time
If you plan to celebrate at their restaurant, you can request for food ahead of time so they can secure the ingredients if they don’t already have them. Some have even celebrated their events there where all the food was not from the menu.

When you’re pregnant, cravings can come suddenly and of course, there are times when you don’t want to leave the comforts of your home. Luckily, Lihi Restaurant accommodates special requests even by delivery. You can contact their number for the delivery of special requests.

Despite being a Filipino restaurant, they also accommodate food requests from different cuisines such as Japanese cuisine.

Baked Tahong P195
Delicious and addictive, their baked tahong was super cheesy but what made it so addictive was the Japanese mayonnaise that gave it a zing. This was the dish that I really loved.

Speaking of Japanese mayonnaise, their embutido also had Japanese mayo. I like how its presentation was similar to how sushi was plated.

Lihi Kare-Kare P550
Nutty and savory, if you're craving for kare kare then you'll definitely be satisfied with crunchy peanuts and nutty sauce paired with tender beef.

Ripe Mango Shake P80; Melon Shake P80; Calamansi Shake P80
My baby and I definitely loved their mango shakes. Mangoes are actually what I craved for during pregnancy and I often found myself drinking mango shake when I could.

Pinakbet P245

Salted Egg Shrimp P395

Bulalo P395

Turon A La Mode P90

Banana Split P199

Brownies Overload P149

Family Friendly
Being a family restaurant, Lihi is definitely family-friendly complete with high chairs, comfy sofas, a diaper changing table, and a bathroom sink low enough for kids to reach and wash their hands.

Group Menu
I love how witty the names of their group meals are.


Contact Number
You can reach them through 903-2762 or 0977-817-7261

Opening Hours
11AM - 11PM

Lihi Restaurant is located at the ground floor of One Raffles Place, Congressional Avenue, Bahay Toro, Quezon City.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at

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