Crazy Tako Authentic Takoyaki Review

When you think of takoyaki, you think of the crispy goodness and the creamy filling that goes with piping hot takoyaki drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise and takoyaki sauce. That’s exactly the kind of authentic takoyaki that you get with Crazy Tako, a takoyaki brand that started out in 2017.

One of Crazy Tako’s first feats included selling over 80,000 takoyaki balls in 20 days, talk about crazy! 

To set themselves apart from the rest, Crazy Tako also introduced a new item to their menu, the Octopus Fingers. Their Octopus Fingers are a delicious snack that will leave you wanting for more of that crispy goodness and tender meat. It’s also sprinkled with ao nori (seaweed) for extra flavor.

Crazy Tako Takoyaki
Their takoyaki’s crispy exterior, creamy interior and chewy octopus is already a treat to begin with. Pair those off with delicious authentic Japanese mayonnaise and authentic takoyaki sauce and you’ll be wanting more. That’s not all their takoyaki has to offer, it also contains chopped red ginger, cabbage, bonito flakes, and ao nori. Their takoyaki also includes tenkasu or tempura scraps which gives that extra crunch.

Their takoyaki is undoubtedly good, they are also cheaper than other takoyaki sold in the mall.

Also, it's better to order the 8pcs of takoyaki if you plan to add bonito flakes because whether you other the 4pcs or 8pcs, you only need to add P10 for bonito flakes.

We were given some to review but since we really liked it, we bought 8pcs takoyaki with add on katsuoboshi flakes to take home with us because we really liked their takoyaki.

4pcs Takoyaki P58
8pcs Takoyaki P99
Add on Katsuoboshi Flakes P10
Add on Crazy Crunch P10
Octo Fingers P99

UP Town Center, Quezon City
Robinsons Supermarket, Don Antonio, Quezon City
C&B Mall, Marikina
Liana’s Supermarket, Pasig City
Porta Vaga Mall, Baguio City
J.P. Laurel St., San Miguel Manila
Victory Mall, Tanauan Batangas
Puregold Pavilion Mall, Binan Laguna
Xavier School, San Juan
La Salle Greenhills, Mandaluyong
Don Bosco Makati

Franchise fee for only P75,000

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