From Farm to Table, Hito-Go Serves the Freshest Catch at Affordable Prices Starting at P99

Priding in serving fresh fish or as their slogan goes "Fresh Is-Da Best, Fortia's Hito-Go is a hito or catfish specialty restaurant who serves fresh hito from their farm to your tables. As for the price, no need to worry because it's very affordable, one hito meal with rice is P99 and considering the serving size and taste, it's definitely worth your money.

Fresh from their farm
Hito-Go gets their hito and dory from their own farm so its guaranteed to be fresh.

Enjoy your hito in different ways
You can enjoy your hito fried, grilled, steamed or baked. As you can see in the photo, one hito is already quite large. Personally, I prefer the grilled hito because they glaze their hito after grilling.

For those dining in groups, you can try out their bilao which contains chicken, dory, bangus, hito, liempo, okra, eggplant, sitaw, salted egg, bagoong, and tomato. Now that sounds like a feast, a nutritious one too! The one on the photo is their medium bilao (P649) which is good for around 5 people.

Why You Should Try Hito
Tilapia may be more popular locally but catfish has more delicious meat and there is no "muddy" taste (hindi lasang lupa). Texture-wise, their meat is more tender and is less fatty, containing more lean meat.

Health benefits of Catfish
Containing little amounts of fat, hito or catfish is considered a lean fish and only contains small amounts of calories. Despite containing small amounts of fat, catfish contains various nutritional benefits such as omega-3, an essential fatty oil. It is also rich in Vitamin D and B Vitamins.

Fresh Dory 
If like me, you love eating cream dory, you'll be happy to find out that their dory is the fresh kind and not the frozen kind which makes it considerably more delicious.

Hito Kilawin P99
If you're looking to try something new, order their Hito Kilawin and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Hito-Go's Hito Kilawin is definitely a must-try, you definitely won't feel that you're eating catfish. Kilawin is like the Filipino version of ceviche where they mix the raw fish in vinegar and a citrus juice (lemon or calamansi).

Hito Sisig P99

Hito Chicharon P49
The one on the is worth 2 orders of hito chicharon.

Grilled Hito Box of 3 P239

Crispy Hito Box of 3 P239


Hito-Go is located at #1 Llanado St. Brgy Malinta, Valenzuela City.

For more information about Fortia's Hito-Go, visit their Facebook page at