Samgyupsal with Japanese Buffet for P209 | Saram Korean BBQ Grill Buffet Review

As I was hunting for deals online, I saw an unlimited samgyupsal which offered pork, beef and chicken for only P209. Upon checking their Facebook page, I was immediately hooked because they uploaded a poster stating that their samgyupsal came with unlimited Japanese buffet namely tempura, maki, gyoza and cheese dip.

Saram Korean BBQ Grill Buffet iNCLUSIONS
Gyoza, Mussels, Fried Tofu, Korean Fried Chicken, Breaded Fish, Baby Potatoes, Dilis, Bean Sprouts, Corn, Vegetables, Japchae, Soup, California Maki and Steamed Egg.

At first, the service was slow, it takes a while for them to serve the meat but you can immediately grab a bite from the Japanese buffet. The slow service is kind of understandable since there was a group of 10 who came in seconds before us but still they should have been prepared because it was a Friday and it was lunchtime. After the customers were settled down, the server took the time to ask us if we wanted to order meat again.

Breaded cream dory
My favorite was the breaded cream dory, it had a slightly sweet sauce which I thought was cheese because it was yellow but my husband says it's mayonnaise. Unfortunately, they didn't refill this again during our one hour stay (or was it one hour and a half).

The mussels were really good, it was tender and sweet.

Unfortunately, the beef was unavailable during our visit because according to them, the delivery had been delayed until this afternoon. As to whether it is like this everyday, I wouldn't know but I asked the server and she said it was only today that they did not have a delivery for beef during lunch. As for the chicken, they told me that the chicken was part of the buffet not the grill, which was the Korean style fried chicken. 

As for the pork, it's not really your usual samgyupsal, it's not a pork belly cut but a thinly sliced pork chop which was covered in rosemary and thyme.

No tempura
I was kind of excited because their Facebook said that there was tempura. However, there was no tempura and even the staff had no idea about the tempura.

Lack of food
If you check out their poster, it says that they offer unlimited tempura, gyoza, maki, sushi, cheese dip and iced tea. However, on our visit, there was no tempura, cheese dip and iced tea.

The steamed egg with cheese was okay.

Gyoza and california maki were not that good. Their california maki was generous with the roe but the sushi was not that fresh and the rice was too wet.

Based on our experience, if we had paid the full price of P349, we would have been utterly disappointed because of the unavailability of some of the food. However since we paid only P209 each, thanks to Metrodeal, it was already a good deal. There's free WiFi too if that helps and there are parking spaces too.

Metrodeal promo
P209 for Lunch - mix beef, chicken and pork with side dishes.
P239 for Dinner - mix beef, chicken and pork with side dishes.
Voucher validity is only until August 31, 2019.

Regular Price
P349 for Lunch - mix beef, chicken and pork with side dishes.
P399 for Dinner - mix beef, chicken and pork with side dishes.

Back to School Promo
Monday to Thursday only. 
4+2 Lunch buffet (P349 x 4)/6 = P232.66 per person
5+2 Dinner buffet (P399 x 5)/7 = P285 per person

Time Limit
According to their Facebook page, there is no time limit but according to the MetroDeal page, they have a 2 hour ordering limit.

Buffet Times
Lunch - 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Dinner - 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM

For more details, visit their offer page on MetroDeal or visit their Facebook page (they're not responsive to Facebook messages though).

Saram Korean BBQ Grill Buffet is located at 109 V Luna Extension, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City (beside Mercury Drug).