Joy Held a Festive Salu-Salo to Celebrate the All-New JOY with Zero Sebo and Zero Worries

A colorful and festive gathering awaited us as we stepped into the Best Ever Life Salu-Salo prepared by JOY Philippines. The first thing that awaits guests is a performance that's as vibrant as the event.

Before heading over inside, we enjoyed ice cream, puto bumbong, bibingka and gulaman. What piqued my interest the most was the photo op area where bubbles floated through the air as which looked so cute in front of the giant plate. My baby especially liked the bubbles.

After settling down, we learned all about the huge milestone that JOY has achieved wherein they doubled their record from 20 years ago. They were able to wash 17,500 plates using only one 495ml bottle of JOY in the entire San Juanico Bridge and back!

A celebration is not complete without food as any Filipino cam attest to! Lechon, pansit, shangai rolls, and more awaited us for a delicious salu-salo.

Of course, we were able to learn what exactly was new with the Best Ever JOY. As a mom who has no helper, I want to save as much time as I can when it comes to cleaning so I can spend more time with my baby. The all-new JOY can definitely help moms save time because it boasts of a Zero Sebo feature and when it comes to Filipino food, you can't help but avoid having sebo on the plate.

My family loves eating pancit palabok and getting the sebo off the plate can be a hassle sometimes but with the JOY Zero Sebo, I don't have to worry anymore.

Moms do not only value saving time but saving money as well which is why I'm sure moms would love to hear that not only is JOY a time-saver but because it comes in a concentrated formula, it's a great cost-saver as well.

As compared to using other dishwashing liquid which are comparably cheaper but might actually be diluted, you actually save more with JOY because it is concentrated and gets the job done so well. Actually, my baby often spills milk and other sticky liquids on the floor and using only a drop of joy has helped me in cleaning up her messes. I've tried other dishwashing liquids and they don't get the job done as well as JOY which is why I've always stuck to using JOY.