Hodai Eat All You Can Japanese Korean Fusion Food Review

Unlimited food is so difficult to resist especially if the food is uncommon and most especially if the price is right. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my honest review of Hodai Restaurant, a restaurant serving eat-all-you-can Japanese Korean Fusion food. We paid for our meal so you can be sure that this review contains what we like and don’t like about Hodai Restaurant.

The ambiance is okay, it looks like the restaurant was originally a house. The place was spacious enough and the air was cool.

They served the dishes as you order them while the unlimited miso soup and rice is self-service.

Chapchae or Rose Cream Pasta
Korean Fried Chicken
Kani Salad
Kimchi Gyoza
Spicy Cheese BBQ Bowl

Spicy Cheese BBQ Bowl
The Spicy Cheese BBQ Bowl is delicious. The cheese is very creamy be wise the mozzarella is mixed with cream cheese.

Rose Cream Pasta
The rose cream pasta has a creamy and spicy sauce perfect for spicy food lovers, while the pasta is cooked al dente. Seafood lovers would love the freshness of the mussels that come with it.

Kimchi Gyoza
Spicy food lovers would also love the kimchi gyoza. I wouldn't call it gyoza though, it's more like deep fried dumplings whereas gyozas are potstickers. I like how crispy it is though, it probably tastes better this way rather them cooking them up gyoza-style.

The tempura is good, like your ordinary tempura, but we kind of wish there were more ebi (shrimp) than veggies per order. The sweet potato tempura was good though. What I really like about their ebi tempura is that they use the fresh kind of shrimp rather than the frozen ones.

Sushi Rolls
A variety of sushi was served per order of which Baby Q ate a majority of. They didn’t serve it in a roll tower though, not that I mind.

Fish Teriyaki
Lightly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the Cream Dory Teriyaki was a treat to eat.

Miso Soup
The miso soup was good and it has a lot of seaweed. The unlimited rice was Japanese rice, the short grain kind.

Korean Fried Chicken
The soy garlic chicken had a thick and crispy breading, it was good but it was heavy on the tummy.

Only a couple of the dishes were actually Korean Japanese fusion dishes. It's better to eat it groups if you want to keep ordering a certain type of dish because the initial serving is a lot. However, the food had good value for money, for the same price, you can only eat one or two dishes other restaurants while at Hodai, you can eat a variety of dishes that taste good.

Most of the food are fried so it’s easy to get tired of the taste but nonetheless, halfway through I already felt like we already got our money’s worth. Actually, it was only after eating that I found out that they do not charge for leftovers. Still, I don’t like the idea of wasting food so I would still try not to leave leftovers even while knowing that they don’t charge leftover fee.

We paid P359 for the gold set which is the promo price while the regular price is P599. As for the silver set, the promo price is P299 while the regular price is P499. The promo price is only until June 14, 2019.

Hodai Restaurant is located at 14 Examiner Street, West Triangle, Quezon City which is near West Avenue.