Foodie Mumshie Snacks & Bites June 2019

I've been neglecting this food blog recently because I've been so busy with my other blogs and my baby, so I decided to post some food photos I've forgotten to post. Some of these date back over a year ago so I can't remember the taste, but I was supposed to let it have its own post.

Starting off is our meal at Mary Grace after A Day of Fun and Learning at Homeschool Global's Family Fun Day 2018, we had the crowd-pleaser the Vongole (P310) and the Dory & Saffron Cream Plate (P420).

The Dory & Saffron Cream Plate consisted of Smoked Ham with Almonds, Cranberries and Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad, Dory and Saffron Cream Pasta, and Slice of Cake of the day. At that time, Apple Pie with Walnut Crumble which was scrumptious. I've always loved Mary Grace for their desserts, especially their lemon squares which are just divine. Their ensaymadas are also one of my favorites!

I've blogged about Mokja before but I must say that their latest branch which is in Banawe looks so good! The ambiance is just perfect, the place is well ventilated and has good lighting. I love that they had low tables where you can sit down on the floor. Their free iced coffee is well-loved by their customers and another new item they added to their menu is the option to add cheese to your samgyupsal.

It's my second time dining at Uma Uma Ramen and we only decided to dine there again because of their Eatigo promo where you can 50% off at a certain time. I liked the Uma Uma Ramen (P360) but their Tonkatsu Ramen (P360) was nothing special.

Thanks to the Eatigo promo, each ramen only costs P180 which was a pretty reasonable price as the ramen had a lot of components such as chasiu, black fungus and more. We also tried the chicken yakitori because thanks to the Eatigo promo, we got 2 skewers for only P35. However, the chicken served was not fresh and we were supposed to give it to our baby so we had it sent back. They offered to serve us new one but we declined so in the end, we were not charged with the skewers.

There are not much Fruitas Ice Candy stalls around but since we were in SM Megamall, we tried some Ice Candy. The regular flavors such as Double Dutch costs P10 while the Premium Fresh Fruit such as Mango costs P20. They were pretty good and they also had kiddie sizes which is at half the price.