Foodie Mumshie Snacks & Bites February 2019

I was supposed to make mini reviews for the following food but these photos were taken so long ago that I forgot what these taste like and what I was supposed to write. In the end, I just chose to round them all up in one post and write what I could remember about it.

The first photo is of a drink from Vanilla during the My Baby Bloggers Luncheon, Baby Q really loved this citrus concoction!

Here are my usual go-to dishes at Ai Sarap Express, the honey glazed chicken and the Ai Sarap noodles. They go by the name of Chang Ai Express now.

These hors d'oeuvres from Bizu are delightful. I could not get enough of the one with salmon. Bizu was the place where I first got to have a taste of macaron back when I was in high school. It was really good. These were taken during the NBS College launch.

Two of my favorite Starbucks drinks are the strawberry frappe and the matcha frappe.