Bugis Singapore Street Food Review

One of my comfort food during my pregnancy was laksa and we frequently went Bugis Singapore Street Food to satiate my craving. At that time, a lot of the people we know we're having about how good Bugis was.

After one of my OB check ups, my husband brought me to Bugis, he frequently told me how delicious the food was at Bugis. After hearing that they serve Singaporean laksa, I was sold, afterall, one of my favorite instant noodles was Singaporean curry laksa. We dined there during lunch, the place was bustling with customers. I noticed that almost all the tables had Singaporean laksa.

We would always order Singaporean laksa and shrimp fried rice together.

Moist and flavorful, their shrimp fried rice is a treat for shrimp lovers. Aside from the flavor coming from the shrimp powder, their shrimp fried rice comes with green peas, small carrot cubes, slices of boiled egg, strips of scrambled eggs and tiny shrimp.

Their Singaporean laksa comes with steamed shrimp, lobster ball, boiled egg, fish tofu, squid ball, crab finger, bean sprouts and noodles. All these components come alive with the milky taste of coconut milk coupled with the tiniest hint of spiciness of their flavorful Singaporean curry. Even with just their chewy noodles and delicious soup, a sense of satisfaction filled my tummy and my taste buds.

Bugis is a quaint little restaurant serving good Singaporean street food at reasonable prices. They seemed to be understaffed, but despite that service does not seem to be slow. Although they made a mistake of billing us two Singaporean laksa instead of just one. I have no qualms about the food nor the service, my only complaint is the bench we sat in, it was too uncomfortable especially for my pregnant self. Other than that, I am perfectly satisfied with my dining experience at Bugis.

Bugis Singapore Street Food is located at 78 Nicanor Roxas Street, Quezon City.