Manila to Ilocos Norte Food Trip

To travel and not experience and savour the local food is a waste. Ever since I gave birth to my baby, I've become more of an indoor person and traveling to somewhere far makes my head hurt from the hassle that comes with traveling with a toddler. 

However, the thought of trying new food and experiencing the culture of places through their food makes me excited.

As I have mentioned in my Baby Q's First Beach & Road Trip to Ilocos Norte post, this trip was an unplanned trip so forgive me for not remembering the name of the places where we ate. I just cannot seem to find the list I made during the trip.

On our way from Baguio to Ilocos, we stopped by at Cafe Natura.

After checking in, we proceed to find a place to eat and it was really thirsty work. Luckily, there were a stall selling sugarcane juice sold in Vigan which was really delicious. Most of the tourists walking around were drinking it.

After walking around for so long in Vigan, we finally settled for this restaurant whose name I cannot seem to remember. We ordered tortang talong, dinakdakan lechon and miki. The dinakdakan lechon was really good and so was the miki. You have to try the miki when you visit Ilocos.

We went to Abuelita's the following morning. I'm not sure what their opening hours are but the previous day, we went there at around 5pm and unfortunately they were closed.

Of course, when in Vigan, you have to their longganisa, as well as their empanada!

After our beach trip in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, we headed home and for lunch, we decided to eat at La Preciosa in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte.

We ordered Bagnet with Kamatis Bagoong and Lasona P200, Bagoong Rice P70, Puqui Puqui P180, Miki Guisado P90.

I was craving for something sweet, luckily, we passed by Irene's Native Delicacies. They sell bibingka and special tupig.

On the way home, we passed by Baguio again and took home some fresh strawberries. On our way out of Baguio, we ate at Nice Eatery.