Livestock Restaurant Bar is the Place to Pig Out

When you hear the word “Livestock”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s not the Number 1 Crispy Pata in Manila then you’re definitely missing out. Here’s the low down on what Livestock Restaurant Bar is all about and why their crispy pata is the best.

It all started at Livestock’s first branch in Quezon City where chefs and couple Mic and Ching Uy opened a Filipino restaurant that specialized in pork dishes. Their success led them to open another branch in Bonifacio Global City’s Uptown Parade to which the store is still flocked. Now, folks from the south don’t have to travel all the way to QC just to get a taste of their acclaimed crispy pata.

But why is it about this dish that makes it sought-after? For starters, their crispy pata is so tender that you could slice it up with a wooden popsicle stick. You read that right – a popsicle stick! Underneath the crispy skin is the melt-in-your-mouth meat that’s juicy and sinfully delicious. No other crispy pata will come close once you try this!

Of course, you should also stay for other pork fares they offer. Fan favorites include the Salted Egg Chicharon, Cracking Pork Belly, Pig Wings (chicken wings wrapped in bacon? Yes please), and the Livestock Caesar Salad (even their salads have pork bits). And for dessert, how does Bacon Ice Cream French Toast sound? A play on sweet and salty flavors that complement each other.

With a bevy of sumptuous pork dishes, it’s no doubt that Livestock is the place to pig out (pun intended). For more details about Livestock in BGC, visit

Photos taken from Livestock's Facebook page.