Review of Goruden Takoyaki in Marikina

Takoyaki is one of the most popular street food in Japan. It is well-loved here in the Philippines as well. Numerous variations of the popular takoyaki have been made in the Philippines but nothing beats the original takoyaki.

Goruden Takoyaki serves such takoyaki, it's authentic and affordable.

When you eat takoyaki, you want to make sure that there's actually "tako" (octopus) inside. Some takoyaki stalls here in the Philippines don't use tako at all, but not at Goruden. You'll be happy to hear that they use takoyaki as well as other Japanese ingredients essential to takoyaki.

Its authenticity is not the best part. Paying P30 for 4 pieces of authentic takoyaki would make any Japanese food lover on a budget happy!

What their takoyaki lacked was cabbage but nonetheless, it was good.


Goruden Takoyaki is located at 12 E. de la Paz street. They are open from 5pm to 12am.


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