Manila's Best Coffee Review at Mezza Residences

With local coffee and traditional coffee in its Menu, Manila's Best Coffee is coffee shop with a unique concept. It plays of a Filipino theme with local desserts and food lining up along the usual coffee shop desserts.

It is certainly treat to eat Biko with delicious coffee. They also have almond ensaymada, ube ensaymada, kalamay ube, kutchinta, tuna pie and more!

Matcha Green Tsaa (Luzon 22oz) P105
We prefer the slightly bitter taste of matcha but this sweet matcha green tea taste good too!

Their biko is now our favorite. It was that good. Unlike the usual biko you can find in the streets, this biko was not too sweet and that was what makes it delicious.

Blueberry Cheesecake (around P110)
Their cheesecake was sweet, it's perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. It's really affordable compared to other coffee shops since it's Buy 1 Take 1.

Karaleto (P35 / P55 / P85 / P115)
Karaleto stands for carabao milk and gelato. It is unique and delicious, it utilizes the creaminess of Carabao milk. You can ask them to mix chocolate and vanilla.


Manila's Best Coffee is located at Mezza 2, SM Mezza Residences, Aurora Boulevard Corner Araneta Avenue, Santa Mesa, Quezon City.